"Where there is love, there is life."

- Mahatama Gandhi

Four generations of chai lovers!
Nela Patel (left) & her daughter, Preehya (right), co-founded Nela's Chai to share their daily ritual of drinking 'real' chai right here in Wellington, New Zealand. (Pictured with Nela's mother Laxmi and Preehya's daughter Ela. Four generations of chai-lovers!)
The aim was purely to enjoy authentic Indian chai outside the house! Nela's Chai was created as a beautiful warming spicy drink to enjoy with the company of friends or strangers, creating an atmosphere for people to bond & share stories.
Nela's father, Kanji, first set foot in New Zealand when he was just 8 years old, after spending months on a P&O cruise ship. He was bound for Fiji but, through some turn of events, wound up in the windy city, changing the course of his family's life forever. From that point on Kanji and his large family (9 children!) always felt at home in New Zealand as well as back in their motherland, India. Nela and Preehya recently decided it was time to fuse their home life with their surroundings. What better way than to share their beloved chai!
Nela's chai is based on their Gujarati family recipe passed down through generations, simplified so it's easy to make at home or enjoy at your favourite local.
Nela and her team grind the spices, blend/brew and package/bottle the chai with quality assam tea right here in Island Bay, Wellington!
Feel free to get in touch for any reason, we love hearing from our chai fans & are always keen to have new stockists/cafe's on board. Please mention us to your favourite local!