General Tomato Gravy Curry



1 Large Chopped Red Onion 

1x 400g Peeled Plum Tomatoes

3 Tablespoons Oil

2 ½ Tablespoons Nela’s Magic Spice Mix

 Chopped Fresh Green Chilli to taste (optional)

1 Tablespoon Grated Fresh Ginger

1 Tablespoon Crushed Garlic

½ Cup Water

½ Cup Coconut Cream or Dairy Cream (optional)

¼ Cup Chopped Pitted Dry Dates or 1 Tablespoon Honey/Sugar

3 Tablespoons Ground Cashews or Brazil Nuts (optional)

4 Tablespoons Fresh Coriander


1. In a large pot add oil and sauté onions until golden brown on a gentle heat setting. 

2. Add spice mix, ginger, chilli and garlic, and stir without burning for 2-3 minutes. Add water, chopped dates, tomato. Take off heat.

3. In a food processor or large blender add all the ingredients from the pot and blend to a smooth mixture.

4. Return blended mixture to the pot and add cream. Heat for another 7 minutes.

5. Lastly add ground nuts, fresh coriander and ½ tsp salt if necessary.


This gravy recipe can be made in bulk. It freezes well. Use it to make chickpeas, dhal, chicken, lamb, fish curries too. 

At step 4 you may add the following examples below

Precooked 350g chickpeas or dhal or precooked meat approx. 350g

Serves 3-4 adults

Chickpeas & Kumara Curry


Serve 4 adults – 35 minutes preparation time 
Medium strength

In bowl A add the following -

2 ½ Tablespoons Nela’s Magic Spice Mix

2 Tablespoons dry coconut (optional)

1 heap teaspoon crushed garlic

1 heap teaspoon grated ginger

In bowl B add the following -

2 medium size Kumara – cut evenly into pieces.

1 Chickpeas can (400g), strain and rinse with water before adding.

In bowl C add the following –

1½ cups water (add more water near the end if necessary to get the consistency you like)

½ cup diced can tomatoes

4 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon sugar (optional)

Handful of finely chopped fresh coriander (optional)



  1. Add 1 medium size onion (finely chopped) into a large cooking pot with

       4 tablespoons of oil.

   2. Place the pot on the stove and sauté the onions for a few minutes on gentle heat.

   3. Add bowl A, stir for another minute.

   4. Add bowl B and C and increase heat to a medium setting.

Cook until Kumara is soft and is easy to press. Approximately 8-10 minutes.

Taste curry and add salt (¼ teaspoon) or chili if necessary, according to taste.

lastly add coriander.


**** please note Kumara can be replaced with Potatoes or Yams or****

**** For a milder curry add ¼ cup dairy or coconut cream at the end (kid friendly) ****

Enjoy & share your wonderful creation!


Mung Dhal Curry



¾ Cup of Mung Dhal (soaked at least for a few hours or overnight)

3 Tablespoons Oil

1 Onion Finely Chopped 

¼ Cup Tomato pulp blended 

1 Large Carrot Grated

1 Small Potato or Kumara Grated 

¼ Cup chopped pitted dry Dates or 1 Tbsp Honey/ Sugar

2-3 Tablespoons Nela’s Magic Spice Mix (Medium heat)

Chopped Fresh Green Chilli to taste (optional)

1 Tablespoon Grated Fresh Ginger

1 Tablespoon Crushed Garlic

4 Tablespoons Lemon Juice

4 Tablespoons fresh Coriander chopped

¼ Cup Coconut Milk or Dairy Cream (optional)



Wash mung dhal several times. Add dhal, carrot, potato or kumara and dates to a large pot with 3 cups water and bring to boil. Cook until dhal can easily be pressed. (20mins approximately).

Place oil in a pan, heat gently.

Add onions, sauté for a few minutes then add garlic, ginger, spice mix, lastly add tomato and heat for another 2 minutes then put aside.

Once dhal is cooked, mix with tomato mixture and heat again for another 5-7 minutes.

Add lemon juice, fresh coriander and cream if you would like a creamy curry. 

Feel free to add more water to create the consistency you prefer.

Chicken Masala Curry



3 Tablespoons Oil

1 large Onion (diced finely)

2 large Potato chopped same size as Chicken pieces

500 g Chicken (boneless, skinless Thighs) ***

2 ½ Tablespoons Nela’s Magic Spice mix

1 Tablespoon crushed Garlic

1 Tablespoon finely grated fresh Ginger

1 teaspoon Honey/ Sugar (Optional)

1 ½ to 2 cups Water

1 can peel tomatoes (blended) 400g

Fresh chopped Chilies according to taste (optional)

½ teaspoon salt (taste curry before adding)

Handful of freshly chopped Coriander roots and chopped leaves.



In a large pot add oil and sauté Onions for a few minutes on gentle heat add a pinch of salt and Coriander roots.

Add Spice mx, Ginger and Garlic, and stir for 30 secs.

Add bended Tomato and cook for 7 minutes until the oil surfaces.

Add Chicken and Potato, cover with enough water. Add 1 ½ cups of water first than another ½ cup if you need it depending on the consistency you like. Simmer for 25 minutes until cooked.

Lastly add fresh Chillies, and garnish with fresh Coriander leaves.

Serves 4 Adults

*** Use any Chicken you prefer.